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    We will be organizing Bus travel in the next weeks and will post as soon as we get prices and places. Hopefully all will be in place by end of February. If you choose to go down on your own and are staying longer than the weekend here are some options. If you drive your own car leave at motel as much as possible. parking will be impossible. I will list parking in DC soon but remember these are at a premium as it is. leave in park n ride at metros near your motel but most motels/hotels have shuttles. take advantage of them as much as possible.
    Greyhound: Greyhound has buses round trip if you want to go for longer than the weekend. DON'T take a car if you don't have to!Estimates of round trips from Pittsburgh $55 Erie $104 Greensburgh $78 State College$ 58 Wiliamsport $58 to give you some idea * advance ticket sales


    Mega Bus:


    DC METRO: BUY YOUR CARD NOW! plan at least 2 trips a day for your stay and add an extra day JIK. The lines at the machines will be longer than at the bathrooms!

    DC TAXI:
    Yellow Cab:

    DC Taxi:

    AVIS had the BEST price one way from Pittsburgh airport to Ronald Reagan in DC, They do one way airports to airports. Nice to have if you are staying an extended period. You can load it up with stuff and friends. unload at your motel. drop off at airport and take the metro back. Take a greyhound home when your done.

    We hope to have maps printed out for everyone in PA depending on donations but will have a PDF just for PA Muster Sites and Rally Points and other important info. AAA has free maps but if you like a small fold able one I recommend. Book stores usually carry POPOUT maps that are around $6 and nice to carry
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